How to Get More of the Important Things Done

The following videos were created in my free group, “How to get more done in 2017”.

These videos will do JUST that.  Teach you techniques that will help you get more things done that are in line with your priorities so you have more peace and happiness and the life you desire!

In the videos I talk about this group and commenting in the group, but since you’re just watching the videos online, maybe you can watch them with a friend and share with one another?  Accountability is KEY!

Here we go!

Day 1: Getting started!

Welcome to day 1 of “How to Get More Done in 2017”! Here is a little background into our group and a short little homework assignment.


Day 2 – Setting goals that align with your vision

Today’s video is jam-packed with info! This is where the rubber meets the road. Please have your notebook handy (and get ready to be brave)!



Day 3 – Tips to help you STOP wasting time and STAY focused. Please feel free to share your own tips below!



Day 4 – Being intentional with your time!



Day 5 – Time to take ownership over your learning

Thanks for watching! I hope you learned a lot and are excited about what you will accomplish in 2017.

There’s a small assignment at the end, so don’t check out before it’s over. 😉



Want to talk more about these strategies?  Just drop your info below and I’ll be in touch ASAP!

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