Looking back, I see God’s Faithfulness

When I stop to think about it, it’s kind of crazy how things work out. But as I look back, I know God had a hand in it all.⠀

🔹I started college in physical therapy and felt the nudge to switch to education ONE WEEK before a deadline to apply for a yearlong internship at an elementary school for about 15 participants (spoiler alert; I got in and it was exactly what I needed). ⠀

🔹After teaching for a few years, I was led to pursue my Master’s degree. I found a great program designed specifically for teachers. The focus was teaching reading and writing to my students and helped me improve my own craft. (Spoiler alert: I received my degree, and the training was just what I needed.)⠀

🔹When I became a mom and decided to stay home with our kids (and they weren’t in school yet), I took an online class to renew my teaching license. When I completed the course, the school ended up offering me a job! I could be an online instructor collaborating back and forth with teachers (through writing) about brain-based research and how to incorporate it into their teaching. I could make my own hours and still do ALL the mom things (spoiler alert: I took it and it was exactly what I needed to keep my brain functioning like an adult, but it wasn’t very lucrative 😜). ⠀

🔹When my kids both entered full time school, I prayed for a job where I could earn an income and use my gifts to help others while still having a flexible schedule. BOOM. Fitness coaching came into my life. And looky here…I get to TEACH, WRITE, and share about God’s goodness ONLINE every day!

All of my former jobs prepared me for this one. It all goes together into a master plan. 🙌🏻⠀

But there’s no way I would’ve believed any this would happen if God had revealed it all to me at once. I would’ve laughed HARD thinking, “I can’t do any of that.”

I was scared to death to speak in front of others – how could I be called to teaching?

I actually failed a standardized writing test in high school – how would I articulate effectively to teachers taking a grad class??

I am not one who likes to be in the spotlight – how can I post about my life and struggles on social media? It isn’t really my thing!

But luckily, I just took it step by step. Each YES was terrifying. Each YES left me questioning my abilities and allowing doubt to step in. But each YES also produced tremendous fruit that revealed God’s character, His love for me, and helped me trust that God had it all figured out. 🙏🏻⠀

We don’t have to know the whole story to our lives. We just have to figure out the next YES (or sometimes NO). He’ll fill in the rest as we listen for Him and trust in Him.⠀

🔹So what’s next? I’m feeling the nudge to do something in addition to coaching that’s totally out of my comfort zone. It would reach more women and help them incorporate faith into their fitness! Stay tuned!!⠀

Are you facing a decision right now? Feeling a nudge to do something? I pray you give it to Him and see what He reveals!⠀

Because He will provide immensely more than we ask or imagine!

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