Is Christianity exclusive?

The argument: “Christianity is so EXCLUSIVE. How can we believe there’s only one way to God?” (AKA through Jesus)

I used to ask this question too, and quite frankly, I couldn’t come up with an eloquent answer for it.

But recently, I heard the best response to this, so let me share in this #TuesdayTruths post and you can evaluate for yourself…

Yes, as Christians we believe the way to God is through Jesus. Believing in Jesus, who he is (God’s son), and that he died for us so we could truly live and not pay the penalty for our sins is the core of our belief.

The difference in perspective is this: this invitation to accept him into our lives is available to EVERYONE. It doesn’t matter what your age, gender, ethnicity, race, social status, zip code, income is (continue this list), you’re invited. He died for you. For the sinner and the saint. For the rich and the poor. For the white, black, brown skinned and everything in between.

In this perspective, it’s the most INCLUSIVE. You’re not discounted or disqualified for any reason. You don’t have to earn it and you can’t lose it.

So it really comes down to a choice. A choice to decide what you believe. God gave us a choice because he doesn’t want robots who had no choice to worship him, but instead broken people who realize their need for a savior.

Does this help? I hope this revealed something new to you or in a way you hadn’t considered before. 

Rooting for you,
Amy 💕

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