3-Day Refresh


One of the cool things about being a coach is that I get to be on my health and fitness journey along with others all the time.  So if we’re trying out a new fitness program – I’ve got my peeps to gripe with about sore muscles, but also to celebrate victories with too.  If we’re trying out a new healthy eating plan – my group holds me accountable to stick to the menu.

This time I had the opportunity to lead a group doing the 3-Day Refresh.  I completed this program one time before, so I looked forward to sharing my thoughts with the group every night and hearing what they had to say.

What is the 3-Day Refresh?

If you’ve never heard of the 3-Day Refresh, the point is to help you break the cycle of unhealthy eating, give your body a jump start, and promote healthy weight loss.

I generally like to do the Refresh when I have fallen back into some old eating habits that have put on some unwanted pounds and inches, when I’m struggling with bloating, when my sugar cravings seem a little out of hand, or when my body feels like it’s a little more sluggish than normal.

Below I describe the plan, share my thoughts in the video, and then share my personal results too!

Here’s the schedule for each of the 3 days:

Upon Waking and Breakfast

vegan shakeo

*8-10 oz water upon waking

*SHAKEOLOGY w/ 10 oz water + fruit option (I put the fruit in my shake) – this was always enjoyable for me.  I put in 1/2 a banana and I was good to go.

 Morning Snacks

fiber sweep

*Optional green tea – I drank this everyday because it just felt good to have something hot and it kept me full.

*Mid-morning Fiber Sweep – You mix this with 8 oz of water.  I’ll be honest and tell you this was not my favorite part.  It kind of tasted like soggy fruit loops to me.  I just brought back my good ole college chugging days (sorry, mom), and down the hatch it went.  If you leave this sit too long it gets gelatinous, so you need to drink it right away.



You can have a lot of different things  for lunch!

This is on the menu – Vanilla Fresh Shake (w/10 oz water) + Fruit Option + Veggie option + Healthy fat option

*Two of the days I had my fruit in the shake, and I found that to be very tasty.  My veggie choices were sugar snap peas, green beans, and tomato with basil.  My healthy fat choices were hummus with the snap peas, and almond butter, which I put in the shake too.  I was always very satisfied after lunch.

Afternoon Snacks

The menu includes a veggie option + healthy fat option – again, you get to eat more real food.

*I had celery w/ almond butter and red pepper with hummus.

*Optional mid-afternoon herbal tea



For dinner, you get a Vanilla Fresh Shake + 10 oz water + veggie dinner.

*I added cinnamon to my shake to make it taste like a Cinnabon.  This was the best combo I found and had it this way each of the 3 nights.

*Veggie Dinner – I had the veggie stir fry, a spinach salad, and coconut steamed veggies.  All of them were really delicious!

*After dinner you can have 1 cup veggie broth, which is totally optional – I know this sounds so weird, but it tasted really good and hit the spot!

*Optional herbal tea after dinner too!

So that’s it!  Follow this plan for 3 days and you’re done!  With each meal you have different options to choose from that will keep you from getting bored.

What is my honest review of the 3-Day Refresh?

My Personal Results

Taking before and after pictures and measurements is really important to show what you accomplish.  I always tell my online fitness participants to take their pictures and measurements because they won’t know the full spectrum of what they accomplished unless they have some baseline numbers and actually see the differences in their bodies.

I’m glad I took my own advice this time because I am happy with my results.  Can you see the differences?  The pictures on the left are my “before” pictures.  I took a deep breath in and then just let it all out.  I can see my mommy pooch was starting to round me out.  In my second “after” pictures I did the exact same thing – took a deep breath in a let it all out.  I am not flexing at all.

before_after refresh

My Final Results were:

*Lost 5.4 pounds

*Lost 2.25 inches!!

Not only did I see visual results, but I feel lighter, my cravings for chocolate are reduced, my portions are better sizes, and I honestly crave veggies.  Was it a success?  Definitely!

If you’d like to talk about if the Refresh is right for you, please comment below and we can chat.  I promise I’m a low-pressure kind of gal, so please ask away!

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